Patio – Adding Dimension to Your Home

Your patio is what adds dimension to your house. An outdoor place that adjoins your house, the patio is your connection to outside recreation. It is often roofless, often paved, and often formed with layers of sand and cement. And on top of all that sand and cement, concrete and stone slabs are added to create that whole “stony” look.

Because it is essentially an open space, the patio is usually roofless, which lack of roofing accounts for the interesting naturalistic things you sometimes find, as though Mother Nature is trying to remind you that hey, she exists and she’s beautiful. So what better way to appreciate Nature than to make your patio liveable?

Well, maybe not live-able in the sense that you have to live in it. But if you were to add stuff in it – stuff like furniture, awnings to protect you from adverse weather conditions, or maybe even a gazebo – it would make all the difference in the world.

Next thing you know you’ll be spending your days under the protective awning canvas, enjoying meals with your family and friends. It may even give you an idea to

have a barbecue party with a little help from your trusty grill and other fire-making apparatus.

You can change the patio awning according to whatever style, color, and size strike at the moment. Plus, you do not have to worry too much about the costs involved because patio awnings are cheap – cheaper than a gazebo and a pool, at least.

However, if you want to combine the element of coziness and attractiveness, you may want to plan on setting up a patio gazebo. It’s easy. The only important thing to remember is the location of your gazebo.

Where do you want it on your patio?

The main factor to consider is your patio size. Is it mid-size or small-ish? If so, then you might want to set up your gazebo at a corner where it won’t get in the way but still remain noticeable.

Gazebos are installed by bolting them to the surface. Or, if you want a sturdier foundation, you have the option of cutting postholes where you can insert the poles and seal them to the ground with cement.

One advantage gazebos have over awnings is that they are certainly more structurally reliable. In fact, some wrought-iron gazebos are free-standing. Their heavyweight, the only thing that keeps them from being blown away by the wind.